Call Me

Jamelia Call Me(Parlophone)


Call Me[I](Parlophone)[/I]

Jamelia’s debut single, ‘Money’, is one of this year’s best pop singles. A banging, symphony-driven pop masterpiece, it put Jamelia in the Premier League of R&B acts. Finally a UK R&B singer that could justifiably stand alongside the American giants. While this isn’t as immediately great as ‘Money’, it’s still a quality tune, if a little close in sentiment and melody to Destiny’s Child’s last hit, ‘Say My Name’. Never mind, because Jamelia’s voice is still as stone-cold beautiful and tender as ever. British R&B trash like Eternal and the Honeyz may have put [I]NME[/I] readers off R&B forever, but really, Jamelia is a true talent. Her voice is fantastic and the music as cutting-edge as you like. The girl’s a star.