Something Happened To Me

The Frank And Walters Something Happened To Me(Setanta)

The Frank And Walters

Something Happened To Me [I](Setanta)[/I]

Christ on a bike. Wait, it’s all coming back… Student discos. Something about a jumper. No,

it’s gone again. Like we thought The Frank And Walters had.

[I]”I was in the doldrums for years and years” [/I], sings Paul Linehan, almost soulfully. Too right. Rather than following up their quarter-of-an-hour in the fickle indie sun over a lifetime

ago (OK, the early-’90s) with careers in yoghurt-making or music therapy for young offenders, the daftest men in Cork inexplicably moved to New York. There they festered. The music of underachievement at which they had almost excelled had passed from their wry, punk-[a]Beatles[/a] hands into the darker clutches of grunge. Yes, it hurt. But no, they did not stop work. They made an album or three. No-one noticed.

Now, hang-gliding in the face of adversity, there’s ‘Something Happened To Me’; a wry, cheery, radio-compatible tunelet buoyed by a quirky synth burble. It’s a little wiser, a lot older, and a touch more Crowded House. Only with brightly patterned socks.

Oh, and there’s a Kevin Shields mix on here too, presumably done out of Celtic pity.

Keith Cameron