The tingle of pleasure before the real head rush.

The tingle of pleasure before the real head rush. With Daft Punk’s magnificently ridiculous return only one week away, it seems fitting new EMI dance offshoot Credence should re-release this single by Alan Braxe, the man who co-wrote and produced ‘Music Sounds Better With You’ with Thomas Bangalter. ‘Running’ arrived at the start of the summer on Braxe’s own Vulture label but, with stubbornness typical of the Parisian electronic fraternity, any further information was not forthcoming.

In truth, none was required: it doesn’t take a genius to appreciate the instant appeal of these immediately gratifying surges of pure disco pleasure. Played by every discerning DJ

in Ibiza and far beyond, ‘Running”s first side, ‘Intro’, is joyous French-filtered house built beneath a swirling vocal. The other side, ‘Most Wanted’, marries filthy Giorgio Moroder-ish synth squiggles to strutting funk, but, you know, in a really good

way. It’s difficult to overstate this record’s brilliance. You can play ‘Intro’ and ‘Most Wanted’ again and again and again but you’ll never get bored. What’s more, it’s proof, if it were needed, that when they can be bothered, Paris’ dance titans are still utterly invincible.

Piers Martin