Soda Pop Rock

Wigwam Soda Pop Rock(Peace Corps)


Soda Pop Rock [I](Peace Corps)[/I]

A somewhat misleading title, this, considering the gradual fade-in, the backwards loops, the gently sloshing beats and the tender guitar that inhabit this record’s grooves. There is nothing of the soda fountain here, nothing [a]S Club 7[/a] might recognise as pop. It’s post-rock, just about, but far more winsome than such a hoary tag would suggest.

But this obscure (limited-edition, three-track, one-sided 12″ vinyl, dontcha know) gem is all the richer for the shadowy Bristolians’ sly way with titles. Words are unreliable, they seem to be saying. Now [I]sounds[/I] , like animals, they can’t lie. And if the analogue-scapes of ‘Soda Pop Rock’ don’t win you over, the charmingly desolate Jim O’Rourke folk of ‘Meet Me On Hallowe’en’ will.

Keith Cameron