If you have to go

Geneva If You Have To Go(Nude)


If You Have To Go [I](Nude)[/I]

It’s a case of too little, too late. For graceful Scots guitar angst, we have [a]Travis[/a] now, ta very much. For Buckley-brand indie soaring, we have [a]Coldplay[/a]. Sorted. What use do we have for the delicate [a]Geneva[/a] now – once the saviours-to-be of big girl’s blouses everywhere, now pretty much forgotten save for a few soppy music journalists who are sorry it turned out this way? But there was a boat. They missed it. Or rather, it missed them. Still, ‘If You Have To Go’ is quietly confident of its own place in the world; graceful in a way [a]Coldplay[/a] have yet to learn, understated in a way that [a]Travis[/a]’ stadium-sized stature won’t allow them to be. It’s a sideshow, sure, but one that just might draw you in.

Keith Cameron