We want to change society

Suncoil Sect We Want To Change Society(Dishy)

Suncoil Sect

We Want To Change Society [I](Dishy)[/I]

Promises, promises. For all the early indications of sonic upheaval,[a]Suncoil Sect[/a] haven’t exactly gone at the business of revolution with hammer and tongs. Their 1998 debut ‘Counterculture’ inspired a few moments of insurrectionist head-nodding, but this much-delayed follow-up by a Bristol duo (who, [I]On[/I]-watchers, used to be High Coin until all that singing and guitar-playing got a little stale) merely hints at dub psychedelics with some breakbeat loops which won’t alter the landscape one iota. That said, it’s a decent few minutes of music to drool to,

and the Third Eye mix on the flipside is nice and jazz.

Keith Cameron