Mama Told Me Not To Come

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Tom Jones and Stereophonics Mama Told Me Not To Come(Gut)

Tom Jones and Stereophonics

Mama Told Me Not To Come [I](Gut)[/I]

Oh, mother. Did we really stand aside and let the cream of the UK’s pop talent (Welsh division) get dragged down into an LP-full of bar-room standards by that old dude with no volume control? The one your mum threw her saggy nylon pants at? Did no-one think, “This is empty showbiz bullshit?” That this collaboration wasn’t straight outta the Valleys, but a project forged over Singapore slings in the Met Bar? Did no-one look up the word ‘dignity’? You don’t see [a]Travis[/a] getting together and singing ‘Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da’ with Rod fucking Stewart, do you? DO YOU?!

Predictably, this merry abomination is low on ‘Phonics and very high on Joneses Sr and Jr just… belting. Next up? Tom does ‘You Can Leave Your Hat On’ with Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi. The gauntlet, sirs, has been thrown down.

Keith Cameron