Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti Beached(ffrr)

Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti

Beached [I](ffrr)[/I]

Bad scenes, man. On film and on headphones. It’s lovely to have [a]Orbital[/a] back, of course, but did they really have to come by cinematic blunderbuss? It probably looked good on paper in LA, getting the Hartnolls to rave up Badalamenti‘s classy theme to [I]The Beach[/I] but a sense of foreboding in the strings that linger in this euphoric workout clues you up to ‘Beached’‘s knowingness. It sounds lazy: cheesed-up by Leonardo‘s dopey observations, tinged with tired Ibiza house, muddled as to its own motives. For that authentic equatorial vibe, they should have asked some trance muppet. A bit like searching for paradise in the Third World, this is a sad waste.
Keith Cameron