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Royal Trux Radio Video EP(Domino)

Royal Trux

Radio Video EP [I](Domino)[/I]

Royal Trux are an extraordinarily persistent pair, considering that Jennifer Herrema in particular looks like it’s all the effort she can be arsed to muster just to chew gum. Don’t be deceived by such avant-grunge affectation.

This five-track EP is apparently built around the rhythm tracks of radio classics from the sweltering summer of 1998, overlaid with a frenzied scrawl of modern electric blues. ‘The Inside Game’ is like a more frantic, monochromatic Happy Mondays, while ‘Victory Chimp’ reminds of Captain Beefheart. Reeta Young’s Perry Farrell-esque vocals are a welcome addition to the heady mix. The general feel is of a road rage argument in the middle of Mexico City during a heatwave with radios blaring and roadworks blasting – no idea what it’s all about, but highly entertaining in its simultaneist chaos.

David Stubbs