What Is It With You

The Third Eye Foundation What Is It With You(Domino)

The Third Eye Foundation

What Is It With You [I](Domino)[/I]

The Third Eye Foundation, aka Matt Elliott, doesn’t always deliver on the promise of his influences (MBV, etc) and declared aesthetic but this, taken from his upcoming ‘Little Lost Soul’ album, is pretty fine. A drum’n’bass riff rolls like a death-rattle, before what sounds like some old cylinder recording of a cabaret ancestor of Edith Piaf warbles deep in the background, before the whole, morbidly layered musical mantra builds to a welter of Aphex Twin-style rhythms. This is oblique, yet somehow deeply personal stuff, an eerie, mental soundscape that might be triggered off by looking back through a very old family photo album, perhaps.

There is a theory that sound never disappears but merely decays – in other words, the songs, chatter and bustle of a century ago are still out there, if only it were possible to amplify them. If you could, maybe they’d sound something like this, all merged and out of context.

David Stubbs