New Year’s Day

Saint Mark New Year's Day(It)

Saint Mark

New Year’s Day [I](It)[/I]

Saint Mark is Dublin-born and came to London with the express intention of becoming a pop star but instead ended up working as a fashion model for Issey Miyake. There, you like him already, don’t you? He ran into Saint Etienne’s Bob Stanley and now at last is able to give vent to his pop creativity, declaring as his influences New Order, The Human League, Roxy Music and Beck. Unfortunately, he might as well have cited as his influences Nik Kershaw, Kajagoogoo and A-Ha for all the vaunted “pop sophistication” there is on offer here. Whereas, say, Mint Royale conjure up a sort of plastic magic from the everyday mundane, this sounds like sucking on Formica. That said, it’ll probably make him a pop star, so at least he’ll be happy.

David Stubbs