Under Pressure (Rah Mix)

Queen/David Bowie Under Pressure (Rah Mix)(Parlophone)

Queen/David Bowie

Under Pressure (Rah Mix) [I](Parlophone)[/I]

Let’s not get carried away. Freddie Mercury was a camp old dear, God rest his soul and so forth, but ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ was not the greatest single ever made, in spite of what an army of intense, poodle-haired young men from Doncaster (who would have head-butted you if you’d suggested Freddie was gay in the early-’80s) might insist. ‘Bo Rhap’ is the B-side to this vinyl offering, which features a crappy remix of ‘Under Pressure’, enabling hired teams of dancers to do aerobic routines to it on [I]TOTP[/I]. Such is the decline of pop that what sounded like a duff ’80s track sounds like a Spector-esque classic sacrilegiously desecrated by year 2000 comparisons.

David Stubbs