Found A Way Out

Birth Found A Way Out(Hut)


Found A Way Out[I](Hut)[/I]

Birth is a man called ‘DL’. Highly opinionated, he spent most of the ’80s and ’90s looking on in disgust at what he saw as the heretical turn music took after post-punk and has quite consciously opted for a big, bulbous ’70s US rock sound – the days of proper music and fake American accents, when women were ‘babies’ and constantly doing their lovers wrong. And – would you believe it? – it works, perhaps because it turns its back so brazenly on the times.

Not a sample or scratch in sight, here – just a big, bold ballad that’s as brassy as Liz Taylor‘s cleavage and sweet as Aero. Think somewhere between Mott The Hoople and Big Star, and, comparing downwards, Oasis, whose similar attempts at epic, hook-driven pop sound frankly uncouth compared to this. DL defies fashion still further with a version of Black Sabbath‘s ‘Changes’, revealing that bat-munching Ozzy was a bit of a

blue-eyed soulboy himself beneath the black tar of metal. Surprise yourself and be seduced by this.

David Stubbs