Pole Rondell(No9)



More Germanic extremism from Stefan Betke, aka [a]Pole[/a]. You sometimes wonder if these modern noisenik bods are only affecting Teutonic pseudonyms in order to lend a sheen of avant-garde prestige to their sound and that this is actually the work of Gordon Smedley from Edgbaston – but [a]Pole[/a]’s credentials are sound.

Split into two parts, ‘Rondell’ seems to arise naturally from the hiss and crackle of its own vinyl, drifting into unexplored, Arctic regions of ambient dub, with the odd volley of pristine analogue synth leaping out at you and, somewhere in the background, the eerie, spooky strains of a distant brass band. As the record continues it seems to frost over, the sound hardening like recently fallen

snow at sub-zero temperatures.

This is ‘chill-out’ taken to extremes – by the end of side two, you’ll need mittens to take this one off

the turntable.
David Stubbs