Oh No Not Again

He is, without doubt, an unusual character.

Things we know about Kevin Tihista: he smokes, he lives in Chicago, possibly with his girlfriend and her mother, and he doesn’t like eating in public. These three songs on Easy!Tiger are his first tracks to be made publicly available and really, you have to wonder why. Blessed with a marvellous dry wit and a sparky songwriting talent, Tihista makes a convincing claim for long-term greatness here with the mercurial ‘On No Not Again’, the quietly tragic ‘You Will Be Back Someday’ and ‘Lose The Dress’, in which he likens himself to “a last ticket for

a sold-out show”. Among these

he sprinkles sounds of bottles breaking, babies chuckling and toys wheezing. He is, without doubt, an unusual character.

Piers Martin