Girls On Top

No sign of this Spicey fivesome taking a dodgy R&B direction, then...

You’ve got to feel a bit sorry for Girl Thing. There they are, releasing their second single (and, let there be no doubt, this is their second bloody ace single), and all anybody’s interested in is when they will be dropped from a record label who, with a history including Westlife, Five and Take That, have got to be a [I]little[/I] worried about whether the Girls will ever make it.

(They didn’t ‘make it’ with their first single because that ‘flopped’ at Number Eight. And, you see, if a band don’t get to Number One with their first single, it means they are failures and really rubbish and should be binned immediately.)

Anyway, just as ‘Last One Standing’ sounded like loads of other things, so ‘Girls On Top’ sounds like ‘Never Give Up On The Good Times’ off ‘Spiceworld’, Pat & Mick’s version of ‘Let’s All Chant’, and every disco record in the world ever, making it Really Good, even if the chart position won’t be Really High.

Includes Girl Thing singing the poignant words, [I]”When you reach the top, you ain’t never gonna wanna come down”[/I]. Bless ’em.

Peter Robinson