Where the heart is

Prefab Sprout Where The Heart Is(Sony)

Prefab Sprout

Where The Heart Is[I](Sony)[/I]

It was hard enough for those of us who persisted in finding good things to say about Paddy McAloon and [a]Prefab Sprout[/a] over the years, without him cashing in his cred so brazenly and writing an album’s worth of pseudo-country songs for self-important, self-styled ‘hard man’ of BBC melodrama, [a]Jimmy Nail[/a]. Now he and the Sprout are back to try us yet again, sporting an illegally ridiculous Giant Haystacks-style beard as if to distract attention from the insufferable feyness of his most recent music.

‘Where The Heart Is’ is another commission, the theme to the ITV series of the same name and, while even now it has one or two catching moments to remind of former glories, it’s still as palatable as wet cotton, full of snug sentiments, music to put the kettle on to. There is, however, a bonus here, in the form of ‘When Love Breaks Down’, from [a]Prefab Sprout[/a]’s 1985 masterpiece ‘Steve McQueen’.

David Stubbs