human fly

Sonovac Human Fly(Flesh)


Human Fly [I](Flesh)[/I]

Hurrah! The first [a]Cramps[/a] cover

of the year! Life is good. So is

this, actually, melding ‘Warm Leatherette’‘s dispassionate pulse to deranged trash guitar while

a nicely spoken female vocal deadpans, [I]”I’ve got a garbage brain/It’s driving me insane”[/I].

B-side ‘Heavy Rotation’ is equally blank, equally wilful electro, and just the thing to send Lux Interior‘s hands down his fishnets. Although, God, what wouldn’t?

This lubricious two-headed beast is, disturbingly, the work of brother and sister, Mike and Suzy Silver. The parents must be so proud.

Victoria Segal