Film Music/Come On

Electrelane Film Music/Come On [I](Indenial)


Film Music/Come On [I](Indenial)[/I]

Shamelessly blatant about exploiting the whole “soundtrack for an imaginary film” cliché, at least [a]Electrelane[/a] have chosen a non-existent film that would terrify your local Odeon. Summer, Paris, ’68. Camera descends steps of Left Bank basement. Turns corner to see four girls, white-lipped, black polo-necked, making gelignite in their home laboratory for a Red Brigade “action”. Or maybe they’re just jazz fans from Brighton. Whatever, with a hard-edged [a]Stereolab[/a] groove and some ludicrously swinging keyboards, ‘Film Music’ is elegant with a murky sub-cultural edge. Other side ‘Come On’ is just murky and sub-cultural, glowing gently in the grime between Prolapse and Pram. You’d shout “action!”, but at a guess, these girls don’t take orders from anyone.

Victoria Segal