In Love With A View

Mojave 3 In Love With A View(4AD)

Mojave 3

In Love With A View[I](4AD)[/I]

Somewhere, a campfire burns low. A coyote howls just out of frame, and a lone figure relaxes their grip on an acoustic guitar before slipping into lonely, burdened sleep. In the hushed, Dylan-reverent world of [a]Mojave 3[/a], the blood-red sun is forever sinking in the western sky and the one you love is far, far away. Possibly because you’re driving cattle into the next county, or maybe you just can’t get to a phone. Whatever.

If you’re in [a]Mojave 3[/a], the stars at night are big and bright even in Hackney, and there’s always something sad to sing about that will sound even sadder accompanied by a steel-pedal guitar. Or, indeed, a banjo.

Why are [a]Mojave 3[/a] so sad? Perhaps because no matter how beguiling their sleepy, ten-gallon muse, or how beautifully their songs whisper and weep with the chill of 100 desert nights, no-one pays much attention to them.

They have two ex-shoegazers in their ranks (Slowdive‘s Neil Halstead and Rachel Goswell) which might explain the cautious reception. But hey, wanna

hear something controversial? Slowdive were [I]great[/I]. Mojave 3 are even better.

April Long