People Power In The Disco Hour

Clinton People Power In The Disco Hour(Meccico)


People Power In The Disco Hour[I](Meccico)[/I]

Taking as a prototype [a]Norman Cook[/a]’s stellar work with [a]Cornershop[/a]’s comparatively dull and plodding ‘Brimful Of Asha’ original, a trio of remixers tackle Clinton‘s underwhelming ‘People Power…’ in efforts to spice it up for potential dancefloor smash-hit globetrotting. The Wiseguys speed it up and add a funky elastic band squelch that sets it on par with Beck‘s ‘Mixed Bizness’ in the Prince-miming stakes, Los Amigos Invisibles slow it down and highlight the, “lean on the horn/ There’s double-parking on the dancefloor” refrain for a deep, warm, sensual, bell-bottom-pantsuit-slit-down-to-there spin, and Romanthony takes it out for

a breakdance under the glitter ball with giddy arse-liberating bass and zaps of fizzy synth. Even with enthusiastic DJ power buttressing this baby up, however, its ‘fro remains too flat to fly. If you know what we mean.

April Long