Sleep Now In The Fire

Rage Against The Machine Sleep Now In The Fire(Epic)

Rage Against The Machine

Sleep Now In The Fire[I](Epic)[/I]

Hey, guess what? Relentlessly political willy-flashers [a]Rage Against The Machine[/a] are angry. That’s right, they’re fucking pissed off. At money. At people with money. At the way money is made, won, lost, revered. At the fact that there are 35 million Americans living in poverty, without money. Money sucks. Money rules. Rage are so irked with this whole money situation they descended on the very aorta of American capitalism – Wall Street – to film a video for this track with counterculture

hero, director Michael Moore.

They played ‘Sleep Now In The Fire’ six times before the NYPD carted Moore off, but the band managed to elude arrest long enough to storm into the New York Stock Exchange and flummox security so much that the whole place had to be shut down. Trading stopped. [a]Rage Against The Machine[/a] effectively brought the world’s financial capital to a standstill. Now [I]that’s [/I]rock’n’roll.

The song itself is precisely what you might expect. A hulking, thundering, clanging behemoth of slam-dunk metal-punk. Scathing. Screaming. Basically, a bloody big racket with a point sharper than a razor blade. Go spend money on it.

April Long