Flightcrank EP

Flightcrank Flightcrank EP(Copasetik)


Flightcrank EP[I](Copasetik)[/I]

The Prodigy spin-off season continues apace, following Maxim’s laughable goth-hop outing with Skin last week. This time it’s the turn of gangling hoofer Leeroy Thornhill – aka Flightcrank – to jump ship, who at least has better taste in collaborators than his bandmate; Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry is enlisted here on ‘Twisted’. Wisely avoiding the spooky tosh so beloved of his former bandmates, Leeroy appears, on this evidence, to have wanted to be in Leftfield all along. Hence much steely machine reggae, made more amiable by a Scratch remix with the venerable old fool croaking [I]”me me me me me”[/I] occasionally and – not a first for his genre, this – discovering that ‘iron’, ‘lion’ and ‘Zion’ rhyme.

Still got the magic, then.