Feather Cuts And Monkey Boots

Dodgy Feather Cuts And Monkey Boots(Mudhut)


Feather Cuts And Monkey Boots[I](Mudhut)[/I]

Oh yeah, it was all jumpers for goalposts, flick knives for toothbrushes and mediocre ladrock round here when Dodgy were lads. Minus original singer Nigel Clark, major label and much of a discernible tune, Dodgy’s comeback isn’t one of the more auspicious in memory. Instead, we have newcomer Dave Bassey practising his best Liam sneer on a tale of growing up on the estate where [I]A Clockwork Orange[/I] was shot, and plenty of hamfisted clogging from the Muppet

Who. The “first ever terrestrial release by an Internet download company” excitingly, or “any port in a storm” as we used to say between gang fights.