These Wooden Ideas

Idlewild These Wooden Ideas(Food)


These Wooden Ideas [I](Food)[/I]

Charmingly Luddite stuff, as Roddy and his fellow noble artisans break off from a hard day’s whittling in their bothy to lambast everything fake and unemotional in this cruel and cynical world of ours. [I]”It’s a better way to feel/Don’t be real, be postmodern”,[/I] he sings and, while you could argue about whether irony is the best way of attacking ironists, there’s a likeable righteousness to ‘These Wooden Ideas’ and its scolding of the arched-eyebrow pop mafia. The music’s still essentially ‘Murmur’-era REM played a bit faster, though there’s more craft and – good, this – tunefulness to Idlewild these days that lifts them above the grey indie plodding of yore. Not bad.