The Soccergirl EP

Kid 606 The Soccergirl EP(Carpark)

Kid 606

The Soccergirl EP[I](Carpark)[/I]

Those forlornly searching for a new electronic superstar should look no further than San Diego’s Kid 606, whose staggering range, wit and productivity are strongly reminiscent of the Aphex Twin’s first mad bout of activity a decade ago: y’know, when he actually [I]released[/I] music. The highlight of a ludicrous number of records the Kid’s released thus far this year remains his amazing glitchpunk deconstruction of NWA’s ‘Straight Outta Compton’ (a seven-inch on V/VM you’re strongly advised to kill for), but ‘The Soccergirl EP’ is very nearly its equal. This time, the pranks and processed skronks are replaced by six short tracks of hazy, clicking minimalism – his ‘Selected Ambient Works’, if you like. There are echoes of Aphex here, inevitably, as well as the rippling textures of Eno’s ‘Another Green World’ and Cluster’s ‘Sowiesoso (So Not So So)’. But there’s also the sense of the new prodigy on the block stretching himself, reinventing old tricks, discovering grace can be every bit as radical as destruction. A real beauty.