you can have it all

Yo La Tengo You Can Have It All(Matador)

Yo La Tengo

You Can Have It All[I](Matador)[/I]

Crazy, lo-fi disco party fun from the deathlessly brilliant Yo La, finally winning some proper acclaim in the wake of filling the Festival Hall and releasing the year’s best album to date. ‘You Can Have It All’ is a daft, summery version of an old George McCrae hit, with Georgia Hubley deadpan, purring the words over cello and drum machine, and the guys getting highly excitable with the backing vocals. Really, there’s only so many times we can go on about how fantastic this band are without it getting tedious for everyone but, look, Lambchop and Sonic Boom are on the B-sides and, God, come on, stop messing about, just buy the fucking thing. Alright? Thanks.