Distorted Ghost

Sparklehorse Distorted Ghost EP(Odeon)


Distorted Ghost EP[I](Odeon)[/I]

An apt title for this collection of revisions, versions and spare bits and pieces from Mark Linkous and his cantankerous mates – Grandaddy’s fuzzy, dysfunctional country cousins. The tone here is cheerier in general than ’98’s fine, mordant, shit-I-nearly-died ‘Good Morning Spider’ album, with three out of six song titles featuring the word ‘happy’. Could be a ruse, mind, given the standout is two-and-a-half minutes of delicate fatalism called ‘Waiting For Nothing’ and that Linkous claims, in the exuberant remix of ‘Happy Man’, [I]”I woke up in a horse’s stomach one foggy morning”[/I]. Not [I]that [/I]much fun, realistically.