The Webb Brothers

...proof that grown-up trad-guitar pop needn't sound sedated and self-satisfied.

Allegedly based on a real-life Chicago bar which employs comically dishonest marketing stunts, ‘The Liar’s Club’ is

actually a poignant, beautifully observed ballad about denial

and self-delusion. Between crashing chords and crushing words, the Webbs anatomise a group of friends who are older, sadder and drunker than they

like to pretend – hopeful youth giving way to mid-life disappointment, boozy bravado masking bitter failure in a [I]Swingers[/I] meets [I]Trees Lounge[/I] way. Caustic yet vulnerable, this could be prime-time Elvis Costello or Lennon in tender mode, with shades of Evan Dando at his offhand best. It’s a fantastic track too, proof that grown-up trad-guitar pop needn’t sound sedated and self-satisfied.

Stephen Dalton