Tomorrow Comes Today EP

Whistle along, then, to a 21st-century fisherman's blooze-hop opus..

Damon Albarn… he’s the new Bono! And the new Brian Westlife, ie, the dullest man in the history of non-opinion. Deliberately. And the Princess Diana of sometime boing-rock (except alive), retreating as he is from Public Life to perch upon the lofty Plinth of Global Arts’n’ Humanities. We hope you enjoyed him, while he was ‘here’. Suck-uur! He’s still here, alright, and gone and made a pop tune, sort of; a shuffle-beat groover with his hip-hop pals, containing infinitely more creative verve than the wilfully bewildering ‘…Radar’ snooze-fest.

Whistle along, then, to a 21st-century fisherman’s blooze-hop opus, a lot like The Beta Band asleep on a dinghy made out of dreams, adrift over the Barrier Reef. Man. Elsewhere, it’s all De La Soul and Tom Waits and a tune called ‘1203’, which is ‘Chopsticks’ on the piano and a man on a life-support machine breathing, irregularly, “One two dee three… I’m too dee to want you by me do be”. Aye. Gorillaz, whoever these people are, are tooth-meltingly stylish and terribly grown-up, but at least they know Tunes.

Sylvia Patterson