Please Stay

How to explain the tilt-backed disco tweeter's triangular boomerang spine?

How to explain the tilt-backed disco tweeter’s triangular boomerang spine? Perhaps it’s a result of invigorated limbo gymnastics during the invention of her trifle-pop latest, a Latino calypso frother, with ‘meaningful’ Spanish guitar and a hand-clap fiesta not performed by the legendary tap-dancing matador Joaquin Cortes (unfortunately, for he, gurls, is a HUNK). Air-tight, children’s cobblers-pop for the GAY crowd with their whistles in a whirlwind and a reminder that Kylie still doesn’t know which denomination of music she aligns herself to on the compulsory Musicians’ Union Form.

“Forms?!” she has balked.

“I pay people to look at forms!” Fair enough. The Trebor Refreshers of fizz-pop hokey.

Sylvia Patterson