Walk Of Life

Suggestive of the kind of person who screams "Look at my nice new dress!!!" at people's funerals...

…the video for which captures Billie Piper roaming around in the countryside wearing ripped jeans. Now, to be honest, you’d think that if you knew you were going to be shooting a video in these conditions you would (a) Go and buy some nice new ones without holes in, or (b) Attempt to sew up holes that allow the cold winter air in.

Also includes the splendid contradiction in terms “I don’t want to talk about myself”. A line which, even if it did make any sense, would suggest the kind of person who screams “Look at my nice new dress!!!” at people’s funerals.

‘Walk Of Life’ lacks the excitement of ‘Day & Night’ and the perviness of ‘Something Deep Inside’ but sounds nicely as if its overall concept was copied from the back of the same fag packet discarded somewhere in the Swedish wilderness.

Actually maybe that’s what the video’s about. Maybe Max Martin has sent an angry fax to Billie’s record label going “While I was out getting pissed the other night I had a great idea for a Britney b-side but was so out of my tree that I lost it”, demanding its return. And Billie’s looking for it.

Then again, maybe not.

Peter Robinson