Craig David: Walking Away

You kinda miss the mad-ass performance poetry factor...

This is the track on ‘Born To Do It’ which caught the ear of Bono (ask your dad), which kind of says it all in the old-people-trying-to-like-young-people’s-music appeal of this single. Without the smiley clever wordplay of ‘Fill Me In’ or ‘7 Days’, ‘Walking Away’ doesn’t sound an awful lot like Craig David which, when Craig David is so popular for sounding like nobody other than Craig David, has got to be a bit of an oversight.

Sure, it’s smooth and it’s sultry and it comes with the obligatory clubby mixes. All told it’s really rather good, but the Spice Girls have already taught us that if people like you doing one thing then, really, you’re better off doing it rather than going off on a tangent. Having said this it’s hardly a Scooch single, but you kinda miss the mad-ass performance poetry factor.

You’ll have noticed that recent campaigns for Craig to keep his hat on – for he looks strange without it – have paid off, but ‘Walking Away’ would have been better if Oasis had covered it.

Peter Robinson