Jennifer Lopez : Love Don’t Cost A Thing

Ms Lopez claims she'll go out with any penniless loser. Form an orderly queue lads...

The flipside to Destiny’s Child’s “we can take care of ourselves thanks very much” playa-baiting ‘Independent Women Part One’, this sees Jennifer Lopez rather unconvincingly claiming that “what I need from you is not available in

stores”. Hey girl, get with the programme, men are losers whether they’re

loaded or not. Make like Beyonce and go and buy a watch or some shoes or summin’.

Whether it’s a paean to Puffy (hey, it’s like Liz Taylor and Richard Burton all over again, ain’t it? Only about three-fifteenths as interesting) or just, y’know, a bunch of words that rhyme strung together is perhaps too big a question to answer here. What is for certain, though, is that ‘Love Don’t Cost A Thing’ is essentially a paltry rewrite of her first single, only without the novelty factor.

Christian Ward