AKA : You Been Sold

This single being a flawless scuzz-pop groover a bit like [B]Squeeze[/B] used to do in 1721

And… in the week Tony Blair tells the anti-capitalists, “If you can’t demonstrate properly, you shouldn’t be demonstrating at all” we were due to bring you news of [I]Who Wants To Be A Millionaire[/I], The Single, because wanting to be a millionaire is the new point of life itself, but ‘they’ have failed to send it to [I]NME[/I]. So we bring you, instead, AKA who is a bloke called Adam of whom little is known except he’s the only person alive who cares not for the ‘spoils’ of 21st-century millionairedom. Indeed, when his minuscule label requested information for a ‘biography’, they were presented with no facts and a list, instead, of stuff he hates. Which is all the information you need. “Fear, religious fanatics, tabloids who write of nothing but the Beckhams, the mismanagement of the First World War by the ruling classes, the difference between low and high-quality goods, jealousy, combats, the dying light, landlords, waste, musicians, the misuse of hip-hop worldwide…” etc.

Magnificently, his music also contains The Spirit, this single being a flawless scuzz-pop groover a bit like Squeeze used to do in 1721, except a lot tougher. [I]”They screw you up and call you sinner”[/I], sings Adam, rockly, [I]”then they’ll try to sell you a little piece of heaven… you worked hard, saved your money, now save your soul… You been sold, you been sold, but no-one should be told, but no-one wants to be told… it’s all on my brand new album and the price is #13.99″[/I]. Rum, wry, smart and a bloody great rock’n’roll pop song. Hosanna! The man called Adam, you can be sure, is not the sort to give up, as the spirit of rock’n’roll itself never will. Consider yourselves saved. Slightly.

Sylvia Patterson