Leftfield : Swords

Directed by [B]Chris Cunningham[/B] so fast asleep he's dead....

Dance Music In Crisis. So says Armand Van Helden, so says ‘fashion’ DJ [a]Jeremy Healy[/a], who reckons, rightly, dance music is “the heavy metal guitar solo of today” (and all DJs are “tossers, wallies, wankers” before adding, splendidly, “why can’t I be The Eagles?”). It should be up, then, to avant-spook ‘sound excavationists’ like [a]Leftfield[/a] to put the art back into the, er, market, but sadly they’re finished, too. This is the one that sounds a great deal like Portishead and even more like a slo-mo, black-and-white televisual advertisement for Guinness/Nike/[I]Football Focus[/I] directed by Chris Cunningham so fast asleep he’s dead. [I]”Danger in every corner…” [/I]oozes Nicole Willis, oozily, [I]”I have become pure water… I can identify, I close my eyes… I wear my soul in my side”[/I]. Right next to the pocket halfway down the side of your billowing pantaloons, probably, handily designed for your DVD-TV-MP3-CD-TSB mobile phone which turns into a bed/hand grenade/square-meal-for-one depending on your ‘needs’. (Yours for #99.99 from a sweatshop in Coventry, hand-built by robots who used to be called people, paid 7p a week.) Mmmn. Where were we?

Sylvia Patterson