Holy Roman Empire : Holy Water Baby (With The Water Babies)

Fuck me! A 'seasonal' indie novelty record...

Fuck me! A ‘seasonal’ indie novelty record! With football chants and lots of kids singing. Badly. And a lead singer with a vocal style similar to that of the profoundly deaf Jack Ashley MP. What a GREAT idea. Time. ING! Or what? This is very, very, very good in a deeply amateur and rubbish way and would have made a much better New Year Number One than Westlife. And they’re from Oxford! Hoorah! Because all the bands that come out of Oxford are great, aren’t they? With their long scarves and round spectacles and rusty old boneshakers and herringbone tweed jackets with leather patches on the elbows. No, stop taking the piss. Buy this, it’s great, especially the absolutely awesome and wonderfully upbeat and terrifically growly versh of Radiohead’s ‘Fade Out’ on the flip. You see, Thom? Loud, fast and with a nice smile on your face, that’s how you should do your songs. So look and learn, lad, look and learn.

Steven Wells