Everlast : Black Jesus

Christ, have you [I]heard[/I] this record? It's shit.

Everlast, you may recall, has been having something of a verbal ding-dong with Eminem of late. Like two yapping rap bullies, they’ve been trading insults on record and dissing each other’s styles, generally carrying on like the Norman Mailer and Gore Vidal of wigga-hop. Everlast hates Eminem because Eminem’s the greatest American satirist since Bill Hicks and has an ability to twist phrases that seemingly can’t fit until they’re mashed into vibrant, slangy urban haikus and creates works of sheer headfucking genius like ‘Stan’ without even breaking into a sweat and obviously Everlast’s a bit jealous. Eminem hates Everlast because well, Christ, have you [I]heard[/I] this record? It’s shit.

Christian Ward