Lina : Playa No Mo’

The Maria Callas of R&B drops her debut single. And - hey! - it's rubbish...

Despite the fact that we are all different and spend our entire lives searching for people who are like us to feel better about ourselves, I’m prepared to stand alone here. Lina doesn’t sound like Billie Holliday. Sure, she possess a voice that suggests an operatic reach, but opera, unless you’re Jesse Norman, doesn’t pay the bills.

Conscious of this, Lina has spliced her voice (the very thing that makes her different) over an ill-fitting, stuttering R&B rhythm (that makes her sound like everyone else). The end result is a gargantuan mess. The tempo, Lina’s voice, and the message this track is trying to relay changes more times than local government policy.

Make no mistake, some musical genres work but operatic vocals, hip hop soul beats and Destiny’s Child-inspired male bashing messages DON’T.

Soul mama