One Minute Silence : Fish Out Of Water

Our rating:

Well done. We salute you, you awful, stinking, no-fun, rock-geek wankers....

One Minute Silence hate pop. And, like all those who feel the need to deny us the dumb, visceral pleasures of pneumatic dance routines and berserk melodies, One Minute Silence make an awful racket. This, they reason, is categorically NOT POP. You can’t hum it, it won’t make you grin and dribble, it doesn’t endlessly patronise you with a litany of banal sentiments. It’s rough and rugged and dangerous and, like, rilly loud. Therefore, it MEANS SOMETHING. Unlike pop, which is just, you know, [I]marketing[/I], a [I]capitalist conspiracy[/I], all bright lights and silly costumes, and it’s [I]forced upon us[/I] too would you believe? we really [I]have no choice[/I], it’s a fucken [I]dictatorship[/I]. One Minute Silence will destroy this evil pop machine, and they will do it through the medium of

Skunk Anansie B-sides. Brave lads, eh? Doing it all for us, you know.

Well done. We salute you, you awful, stinking, no-fun, rock-

geek wankers.

Christian Ward