Etienne Decrecy : Am I Wrong

Simple but fragrant Gallic house with added dirty acid squiggles...

Lifted off his slightly lacklustre ‘Tempovision’ LP, ‘Am I Wrong’ is French beat-merchant De Crécy doing simple but fragrant Gallic house with added dirty acid squiggles. It’s effective but ultimately uninspiring, in the way that Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ made all the right noises but didn’t leave you drooling. Head straight for De Crécy’s own remix, then, which is nine minutes of slow- building disco-funk that would easily be single of the week were it not for certain Whitney-fondling sample-blenders. Stripped of its cheesy vocal and bolstered by the simplest of thudding bass figures, ‘Am I Wrong’ becomes a joyous, sexy epic of filtered synth ambience and swaggering beats. Quite

why the original could not have been instilled with the same heady Body & Soul-style essence is, frankly, a mystery.

Christian Ward