Steps : It’s The Way You Make Me Feel

Like there's nothing you could force upon us that we wouldn't buy?

How do we make you feel? Like there’s nothing you could force upon us that we wouldn’t buy? Despite this, you have to hand it to Steps for remaining on top of their gleaming-toothed game after all this time there’s not a sign that endlessly successful hardcore strikes on the Top Five are in any way slackening the pace of this five-headed, smooth-cheeked ADD-pop automaton. OK, so there’s arm-flab, there’s bad rug-rethinks, but it’s hardly enough to have us reaching for the obituary quill. ‘It’s The Way You Make Me Feel’, then, is typically efficient, all over before it’s registered, and features the boys singing in comedy Britney-croak voices. Ker-ching!

Christian Ward