Fatboy Slim Featuring Macy Gray : Demons

Mmm, yeah, like [I]soul music[/I]. Isn't it?

Mmm, yeah, like [I]soul music[/I]. Isn’t it? There are gorgeous post-coital piano loops, gospel blatherings, real live instrument things like tambourines, and mad mad Macy Gray hollering and rasping about how she’s, er, “comfy like a cesspool”. Yeah, you think, all Norm needs to do now is add a crunchy yet tender breakbeat and this ought to have us all gasping smoky come-ons into the ears of people we’ve only just met.

And yet… fuck, this is [I]so boring[/I]. Like his whole ‘Halfway Between The Gutter And The

Stars’ record, it just doesn’t work,

it never kicks into life, it just, y’know, lopes around. A bit like ‘Praise You’ loped around, but

then ‘Praise You’ went guh-guh-guh-guh and skyrocketed into a shameless breakbeat galaxy. Whereas ‘Demons’ just, er, carries on down a distinctly earthly freeway towards some faux-Harlem church where Norm’s presiding over the big beat funeral and pretending that he never made dumb party music. Lordy, what

a waste.

Christian Ward