Terrorvision : D’Ya Wanna Go Faster?

The nightmare of Terrorvision....

The nightmare of Terrorvision. You’re a pretty tidy rock group. You ‘go funny’. Your novelty

pop rock and buck-toothed

regional idiocy becomes fleetingly popular with the general public,

and then, disaster. Suddenly people are looking at you and saying

that Feeder are ‘more interesting’. ‘D’Ya Wanna Go Faster’ is a

fairly desperate-sounding attempt

to regain a bit of lost ground,

a highly-charged, highly polished, but strangely still highly anonymous racket that if it sounds like anything other than a plea

for mercy, sounds like ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way?’ by Lenny Kravitz. That sound of breaking glass, you can hear, by the way, is the sound of the novelty tragically wearing off

John Robinson