Planet Funk : Chase The Sun

It's a dream of continuity and blandness.

A curious effect of an increasing amount of otherwise entirely credible pop music being swallowed up by advertising,

or by [I]Top Gear[/I] and Goal Of

The Month is the unfortunate knock-on of making a lot of tolerable stuff sound like it

was written for an advert in

the first place. Planet Funk, a group which comprises everything from Italian DJs to Lappish vocalist

have their nationality bases covered, and have their musical bases covered, too. Guitar which sounds a bit like ‘She Sells Sanctuary’. Driving light house beat. Ethereal wailing, as you

might expect from Emiliana

Torrini while lost during an orienteering competition. Is it

indie dance? Is it Air-lite?

No, actually. It’s a dream of continuity and blandness. It’s

an implausibly naughty ice cream in a desert. It’s Enya on a snowboard, and really, that’s

your dinner party.

John Robinson