Winner : Pop for the Nbreds

Do you see? It's our incredibly naughty new friend 'transgressive rock'...

Oh this is too easy! The name’s an inversion of ‘loser’, do you see? The title of their last single was ‘Lifes A Wedgie’ [I](sic) [/I]and they’ve supported [a]Blink 182[/a]. And on the cover they’ve got a badly drawn Scooby Doo rooting a badly drawn Daphne out of [I]Scooby Doo[/I] up the Rick Witter. Ha! Do you see? It’s our incredibly naughty new friend ‘transgressive rock’.

You’d imagine then that they’d sound exactly like the Bloodhound Gang. Except without the tunes. Which they do, of course. Which means that they sound exactly like [a]Blink 182[/a]. And you know how these ‘naughty’ bands like tekking the piss out of the disabled, like? Well wouldn’t you just love the little twats to have tried it on with Ian Dury? He’d have murdered the limp-necked little wankers! With his Rhythm Stick! Whack! Smash! Slash! Gouge! Impale! Aaaaargh! Write a rude song about THAT! You tedious little toerags.

Steven Wells