Blink 182 : What’s my age again

Rebellion must be hard when it gets so predictable...

More mindless, punk-pop guitar-thrashing from the world’s current favourite American brats. This one’s about grown men acting like children, playing pranks and not quite knowing how to get the girl – a subject so well-known to the [I]Beavis & Butt-head[/I]-like [a]Blink 182[/a] they make a career out of it. And another single must mean another [I]hilarious [/I]opportunity to remind the world that [a]Blink 182[/a] like taking their clothes off! And getting tattoos. And even, like, you know, saying naughty words sometimes. Rebellion must be hard when it gets so predictable. On the plus side, the song – again, much like [a]Blink 182[/a]’s career, we hope – only lasts for two-and-a-half minutes.