Fish From Tahiti/Kid606/Pisstank : Earhats/Boy On Boy

More a snigger than a song, this first one...

More a snigger than a song, this first one. Fish From Tahiti do in the lowest imaginable ‘fi’ what ace digital terrorists like Kid606 do with state-of-the-art sampling equipment, namely, fuck up music for fun and profit. Fish takes a ’50s big-band jazz tune and makes it all queasy and out of time. Every copy comes with earhats, little origami things you put on your ears. The Kid, meanwhile, gains many brownie points for the sleeve, which features two dudes doing something unmentionable in a family paper. So we’ll tell you: one of them is sucking on the other’s anus. Oh, the record? Strafes of electronic noise, cut up, looped, and God knows what else.

Kitty Empire