Misteeq : Why?

The remixes have it on the debut single from Brtisoul's latest hopefuls...

As tempting as it is, its best not to make any predictions about British soul following 2000’s massacre (Eternal, Shola Ama, Mark Morrison all dropped from their recording contracts).

In any event, British female quartet Misteeq are not, on the evidence of the original version of this track, likely to reverse UK soul’s fortunes single-handedly, but there has been a deafening buzz around this track thanks to the garage remixes that have lifted the beseeching sentimentality of the original and stuffed credibility, unfamiliarity and depth into the dissected melody.

Vocally Misteeq – Alesha, Su-Elise, Sabrina and Zena – are capable, but once the UK Garage MC mix and Matt ‘Jam’ Lamont and DJ Face’s Classic Vox Mix kick in it’s not about them anymore. It’s about the stuttering, jolting, ‘push ya chests out girls’, ‘flay yo’ hands in the air y’all’ freedom that garage commands and soul music so emotively restricts.

It’s worth wondering, with the sparse amount of UK urban artists in work at the mo’, if mixes like these will be the resurrecting force behind street soul acts like Misteeq. But it’s still quite sad to think that you have to go through the garage to get to your own soul…

Jacqueline Springer