'Fool' sounds, in Mansun terms at least, deliriously joyous...

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Mansun : Fool


Mansun : Fool

And so Mansun’s rediscovery of The Tune (not to mention The Plot) continues apace. Taken from the band’s unfortunately ignored third album, ‘Little Kix’, ‘Fool’ sounds, in Mansun terms at least, deliriously joyous. There’s a grand opening before the band plunge straight into a suitably soaring chorus; none of the abstract fuzzing noises of the last album here. Then there are Paul Draper’s upbeat lyrics (“Nothing standing in your way, feeling good… Suddenly it seems worthwhile, life’s a gas”) and the inkling of self-deprecating humour that creeps in just as you’ve got the measure of things (“Just when I hit that high, I am a fool/Just can’t help it”). Most bizarrely of all, it sounds like David Bowie doing a Motown cover. Honest. You think you know someone and then this happens…

Siobhan Grogan